Stoke Tory MEP – Give our PM space to negotiate

Theresa May must be allowed space and time to conduct Britain’s negotiations for leaving the EU, leading politicians and business people from across the West Midlands heard today.

The plea was made by Conservative Stoke-on-Trent MEP Anthea McIntyre at a Brexit Breakfast fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference.

She said: “You cannot have negotiations like this in public – it is like playing poker with your cards face up. The Prime Minister needs time and space without demands for feedback every five minutes.

The theme was echoed by Minister for International Trade Lord (Mark) Price, who outlined the future trade negotiation process with the EU and the rest of the world.

The discussion was chaired by Dame Caroline Spelman, MP for Meriden, and other panellists were Small-Business Minister Margot James and Miss McIntyre’s fellow MEP Dan Dalton.

A question and answer session addressed business concerns including potential tariffs, state-aid rules, red tape, regulation of industrial chemicals, and energy costs.