Labour fails to support £5m of investment into Stoke’s roads

At last night’s (Thursday 10 December) Full Council Meeting, the Labour opposition refused to support the new Conservative-City Independents plan to invest £5m extra investment into Stoke-on-Trent’s roads and highways.

Nothing could show how out of touch Stoke-on-Trent Labour Councillors are with the residents’ of the city. Over the past four years of Labour rule, our roads and pavements have got steadily worse, with the Labour Party cutting frontline services, whilst spending millions of pounds on vanity projects, including the Chelsea Flower Show and new council offices.

It is clear from this, that Labour Councillors do not wish to see the roads improve in their wards or the city as a whole.

At the same meeting, the Labour opposition refused to support a City Independent-Conservative motion thanking the government for the new Ceramics Valley Enterprise Zone, which is set to bring 9,000 new jobs to the city.

It is clear then, not only do Labour not wish to see improvements to our roads, but they do not wish to see new jobs and businesses come to the city.

Despite Labour refusing to back the £5m investment into our roads and a motion to thank the government for the enterprise zone, both items were successfully passed by the new City Independent-Conservative coalition.

Watch recording of the full council meeting here.