Historic Spode works being brought back into use

The Conservative and City Independent Coalition at Stoke-on-Trent City Council have approved the next step forward for the historic Spode site in Stoke town centre.

Members of Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s cabinet have agreed to spend £1,777,000 of capital and revenue funds on bringing the Spode Works back into use.

The proposed works will:

– Help progress the regeneration of this important site, by removing some of the development constraints.
– Assist in bringing vacant historic buildings on the site back into use, in particular those around the entrance courtyard.
– Improve the on-site utilities to support the occupation of buildings.
– Externally refurbish the former Directors’ Block, stopping further deterioration of a building judged to be of high heritage significance.
– Reduce the city council’s annual holding costs for the site and provide the opportunity to generate rental income.

The overall development of the site will create jobs, secure investment, bring historic buildings back into use, support the regeneration of Stoke town centre and continue the process of making best use of the city’s heritage to drive activity and spend in the city.

Conservative Councillor Jack Brereton, the city council’s cabinet member for regeneration, said: “I welcome this investment, which will enable the site to be opened up to future development, while preserving the historic heart. The last Labour administration did nothing on the site since the City Council acquired it in 2009. Since the election in May, which saw the Conservatives and City Independents take control, real steps have been made to get the site back onto the regeneration agenda. By regenerating the Spode site we will breathe new life into Stoke and continue to secure a better future for the whole city.”

Heritage champion Conservative Councillor Daniel Jellyman added: “It is great to see a plan to get this historic site back into use. It’s a key heritage asset in our city and these plans secure the future of the site, using our heritage to create growth and regeneration in Stoke town.

“It has been great to work on these plans and I look forward to them being put into action in the months ahead.”