Every child deserves a great education

Every child deserves a great education and the chance to get on in life.

So, as part of the Conservative plan for education, we’re making sure children have the best teachers – recruiting inspiring people who might not have considered teaching before but have so much to offer in the classroom.

We’re working with school heads to restore discipline and improve standards – and 80,000 more children are starting secondary school with a good understanding of English and Maths than under Labour.

We’re opening a record number of new schools – and more children than ever before are attending schools ranked as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

Delivering the best schools and skills for children and young people is a central part of our long-term economic plan. If you support our plan, and want to help secure a better future for Britain, donate £20 today.

Labour were in power for 13 long years – and under them, schools standards fell and youth unemployment rose.

But we’re making sure young people can fulfil their potential: creating millions of new apprenticeships that allow them to learn a trade – and backing businesses, so they can create the jobs and opportunities young people need.

Thanks to our plan, the number of young people not in employment, education or training (NEETs) is at its lowest since records began.

We have to keep going to secure a better future for our children.


Nicky Morgan MP
Education Secretary